GFTW is pleased to share with you several reading plans now available through YouVersion Bible app and website.

Life is mysterious and cryptic. It defies explanation, especially in times of suffering and distress. We wonder, Where is God in all of this? He’s with us—and the Scriptures wink to show us His redemptive activity unfolding in our lives. In Winks from Scripture, Chris Palmer takes you through familiar New Testament stories and points out unfamiliar features that have the effect of a punchline. When the Scriptures wink, you’ll be surprised, delighted, and challenged not to give up hope.

Greek for the Week’s Strange Scriptures to Grow Your Faith takes you through seven weird, bizarre, and curious verses from the New Testament that are often avoided due to their complex nature. This study tackles a number of these verses using a rich exegetical method that includes easy-to-understand illustrations and applications. Want to explore interesting passages and learn new insights? This study is for perfect you.

Unlocking Scripture with Greek Word Study plan takes you through seven Greek words from the New Testament that are rich with meaning. Every study brings a new word to life and gives you a vivid picture that will enhance how you see each Scripture. You will have fun learning new things about God’s Word and will find useful ways to apply these insights into your everyday life.

Greek for the Week: The Seven Churches of Revelation is a week-long devotional by Chris Palmer on Jesus’s letters to the major churches of Asia Minor in the book of Revelation. Using unique historical information and powerful insights from the original Greek text, Chris provides contemporary illustrations that will make this first-century study hit home in your 21st century life.

The Best of Greek for the Week, written by Chris Palmer, is a seven-day plan to help you explore the New Testament in a deeper yet practical way, using concepts from the original Greek text. Written with a breezy style, each study uses contemporary examples to help you connect the profound insights to everyday life. You’ll laugh, you’ll grow, and you’ll be encouraged as you work through this plan.